Greenbo Planter Large

Greenbo railing planter with patented rail stability for growing flowers or herb gardens without any screws, nails or brackets;  which means no more rusting and  damages to walls, banisters and fences.

Greenbo also frees up valuable balcony space for city dwellers and allow better use of  outdoor area  for relaxation and enjoyment

Greenbo planter is the easiest solution to transform houses, pool fences, apartment balconies, offices, shopping malls or any space with railings into more alive, fresh and contemporary environment.

Greenbo Planter is made of a high quality Polypropylene material, with increased strength & drop-resistance.
Contains a built-in draining solution - two removable, cleanable and replaceable trays.
Contains UV ingredient which protects against sun and weather damages, thus ensuring its colours last for years

Greenbo Planter (L)
Fits railing from 2 cm up to 9 cm. 
Weight: 1.2kg   Diameter: 29.0 cm   Height: 30.0 cm
Colours available: White,  Black, Grey, Beige, Lime Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Red, Orange and Pink

Greenbo Planter Large Images